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How long is the delivery time?
Your orders are delivered within a maximum of 3 working days usually processed but still on Same day . The delivery time is also related to the delivery company . In general, the amount maturities within 1-2 days in Germany . International shipping may take significantly longer.
If it is due out of print goods used in exceptional cases to delays , we will inform you deal .

Which shipping service my package to be shipped?
We ship packages with DHL.

How much are the shipping costs?
The DHL Shipping fees are based on package weight and distance .
The exact shipping cost for the individual shipping zones and weights can be found under delivery and shipping costs.

Can you tell the DHL tracking number for tracking ?
You will receive your tracking number automatically by DHL notified by e -mail when the package was handed over to DHL.

What should I do if the delivered goods do not fit, are faulty , or I did not like ?
Should you be unhappy with the ordered goods, please return it to our adress:

Florian Scheller
Maseler Straße 2
29386 Wettendorf

Please add the return to a short letter with a copy of the invoice and a description of the defects . If you want to exchange the goods as this frank please . Should a refund be required, so please give your account details for the refund.
Please do not send packages unfree .

Can you also get goods that are currently not found in your Militaria Shop ?
The purchasing of goods in Russia and Eastern Europe is a very long and uncertain processWe generally accept individual pre-orders
only if we can ensure 100% that the goods can be delivered properly and on time.

I want to buy an article that is currently not available. When it will be available again?
The product will be available again when it is available. Unfortunately we can give no better answer to this question because we cant be hur if we get the ordered good until the
Delivery arrived.

Can everyone buy your demilled guns?
Demilled guns are freely acquirable from the age of 18 years. There is no authorization for required.
Model guns and replicas are completely free for purchase.

Should you purchase a demilled gun in our store, please send us a proof of age by e -mail.

When do I have to provide proof of age ?
The proof of age must be furnished only if you would like to buy a product from the following range:

Demilled guns
Model guns

Airsoft ( proof of age 14+ )
Former essential weapon parts

The proof of age must be submitted only once. You need not provide him again on future oders.
Should we still write to you after the first order again , so please give us only the info, that this was sent before.

How can I provide the proof of age?
We an official document (identity card, passport, driving license , birth certificate, etc. )
Please sent by e-mail to . E -mail is the preferred method for doing this - alternatively you can fax us the proof or mail .

Can I carry demilled guns in public?

In Germany it's forbidden to carry demilled guns or replicas in pubilc.

Why are some items with shipping within Germany only and why do you not ship your demilled guns outside the EU?
With demilled guns, free weapons parts and accessories , there are restrictive laws and regulations ( WaffG and KWKG) that must be followed for the sale and shipment.
We can't ship demilled weapons, or weapon parts outside EU. I'ts also hard to find shipping services that will transport inert ammo, because it's forbitten in Airmail, so we can send our inert rounds or grenades just as ground transport within Europe.

Can you get an export license for demilled guns and free weapon parts?
We can apply for an export permit from the BAFA. This takes us maybe 3 months to get the permit.
After we get ther permission from the BAFA we can ship worldwide . Unfortunately, this bureaucracy is costly and that we offer this only for orders over 3000 Euro.

Did you have a shop where I can view / try on and buy the stuff now?
We do not have a shop, but a shipping warehouse in Wettendorf. You may like to pick up your orders in our warehouse.

Can I pay by credit card?
No, we do not offer direct credit card payment. 

Can I pay with PayPal ?
Yes, but you can only pay for products which will not violate the PayPal terms of use.
PayPal has strictly forbidden any transactions for Weapons, weapon parts and ammo or ammo parts.


How can I contact you?

The best way to reach us by e -mail at . This is the preferred contact for us, because emails can be processed quickly and structured.

Is Red Star Militaria represented on events and trade fairs as an exhibitor ?
We focus on selling on the internet and working on our further expansion .
Through the Internet business, we are currently so busy that we do not manage to sell at fairs .

Thank you for reading and have fun in our Militaria Shop ! Your Red Star Militaria - Team !