Deactivated guns

Our deactivated original firearms serve only display reasons and are sold inside Germany and inside EU. They all are demilled according german law KWKG or WaffG depending on the type of ex-weapon. KWKG decoration weapons are demilled according VB 3 -101703 BMWI 1999. WaffG decoration weapons all carry the german decoration stamp that legally proofes decoration status.

Additionally every decoration item comes with a certificate stating kind of ex weapon, serial number and changes done to the ex weapon in english language.

If you buy decoration weapons you need to proof to us that you are 18 years via email/fax or letter. Just send a copy of your passport, ID-card or drivers license. We need this proof only for your first purchase - if we have it we do not need it for future transactions.

Please make sure that your deco weapon is legal in your country. Since we do not have the same law in all EU countries yet you must make sure that items purchased are legal according your national laws.

If you are not sure of your national requirements for decoration weapons then please ask your national authorities to clearify before you buy. If items have to be registerated or shown to authorities then please take care of this - that is your responsibility and it is very important!

Generally no shipping outside the EU!

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Very beautiful, used hand thrower inciendary DM 34 of the German Bundesw...

Bundesrepublik Deutschland
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